In 1996, it was the first time when I started establishing my first simple website about my country Kuwait. I was a student at Cleveland State University, just started my Computer Science major with some courses of high level languages and Hyper text markup language (HTML) coding. My first Web page was containing history articles and it was the same English articles that I used to display on IRC channels for MIRC users.  However, My website went over several changes and enhancements since I started hosting the code on the University Unix server.  .  

   The reason why I choose "" for my domain name is, Simply, I wanted my Home Page domain address to contain the name of the State of Kuwait; and that would give the visitor an idea about the website cultural identification.  However, combining the country name with the ward "Boom"; which is the famous Dhow kind that used to be made in Kuwait in the past and it's the slogan of the State of Kuwait at the present time, would make the two words together: "KuwaitBoom" is representing the symbol of culture, history, and pride of all Kuwaitis, whom their ancestors suffered in the past to survive on the sea sources to make all Kuwaitis at the present time live to be proud of their history and proud to be Kuwaitis for ever.


Qusay A. Alaswad


B.S /  Science in Computer & information science