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     Since the beginning of Kuwait in the Mid 17th century, Kuwaitis were using many kinds of ships-Dhows for many purposes to live on the sea sources. Al-Boom was one of the famous and most use ships in Kuwait in the past.
   There were many kinds of Al-Boom used by Kuwaitis for many purposes at that time. One of these kinds called Boom-Ghawas and it was used for pearls hunting. Other kinds called (Boom-Ma'y), for sweet water delivery. (Teshalah) for shipping stones for building. The bigger one called (Boom Saffar)- sailor Boom for long distance sailing, and (Boom- Gatta'a) for short distance sailing.

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Do you know that in the year 1765, there were over 800 working ship in Kuwait. These ships were different kinds of Baghlah, Boom, Sanbouk, Sho'i, Jalboot, Batteel..etc. They were used for different kinds of purposes like fishing, Hunting pearls, sailing, delivering sweet water..ect.

The body parts of Al-Boom.

Ship contains hundreds of parts and each part has its own name and definition. For instance, (Beess) is the base of the ship. (Sattoor or A'nafah) is the upper front. (Sreedan) is the cooking box. (Malej, Khad) are the long woods- Leehan in the bottom above "Beess". (Kana) is the back piece of wood that hold "Sekkan" - end piece of the ship. (Bendeerah) is the flag stick above al-Kana..etc.

  Do you know dear visitor that Al-Boom -ship has five Sails (shira'a). The two bigger Sails are Al-Oud and Al-Qalami. The other three are Al-Boomiah -small Shira'a on the front and Shamandi- on the back -tofar. Qabiah is another Sail located on top of Al-Oud, and there are other Sails for special kind of weather conditions, like "Terkate" and  "Sefdairah". Each one of these Sails has its own purpose.

Famous Dhows in Kuwait History.


    "Dhow" or "Fat'h al-kareem" Boom is one of the biggest and the famous among Kuwaiti ships. It was built by Al-estad Abdullah bin Rashid in 1913, It was a huge ship and was able to carry 5000 mun (375 Ton).


    Muhammedi is one of the biggest dhows (Boom) that was built among Kuwaiti ships. Built in Neibar-India in 1917 by al-estad Humoud bin Hasan for the merchant Mohammed Rafee'a Marafi. It was a huge beautiful ship, has low front-Sader, wide body-Hamlah, carry 7300 mun(550 ton)

Image1 - Image2 of Muhammedi2 at Kuwait Radison SAS Hotel.


     Al-Muhalab (Boom) is a ship that was made by Al-estad Muhammed Al-abdullah in 1937 and was owned by Thunayan Al-Ghanim, 3000 mun(225 Ton), shaped sharp front -"seekh" to sail fast. It was almost the last ship that was left in Kuwait in the National museum. Burned by Iraqi soldiers during the invasion.


    Sanbouk Al-Jalahma (Mansour), made by Haji Salman Al-Estad. It was Sanbouk kind of ship, used for hunting pearls (Ghawas), last hunting pearl trip was 1939. Owned by Muhammed bin Jab'r Al-jalahma.

The story of the Kuwaiti dhow that was found in India.

Built in 1938-found in 1994
Boom Fat'h al-Khair, made by Al-estad. Ali Abdulrasoul.

Important Incidents in the Kuwaiti History

   In the year 1943, Al-Wasmi (boom) left Kuwait to Bombay carrying 44 sailors including Al-Nokhethah (Captain) Belal Al-Saqer in a trading trip. In the way home, Al-Wasmi faced big storm and drowned in the middle of the sea where no body survived except 13 sailors from 44. Captain Al-Saqer was one of who lost their lives. That year was called The year of the drowning (Sent Al-ttab'ah).

Other information in Kuwait History

    In the year 1752, Kuwaitis elected SABAH the first as their first Amir. At that time, Kuwait was a small village called "Al-Qareen".

    Do you know dear visitor that there were six kinds of ships used for hunting pearls -Ghooss. These kinds are: Sanbook, Sho'i, Jalboot, Bagara, Beteel, and Boom.

    Do you know dear visitor that during the second world war, Great Britain asked Kuwait to build some type of ships called (Dooba) for military sea operations. Kuwaitis made more than 250 Dooba in a challenging time and they were used successfully during the war. Kuwaitis (Galaleef) were honored for this participation after the war.

Some information you might need to know..

    Kuwaitis in the past Used to have many job titles for men who their work was related to Sailing and Pearl hunting trips over the Sea. One of these jobs called Serdal - Amir el ghoss and it means, the commander of the Captains over the Sea (Nowakhthah). His job was to rule and to control the Pearl hunting trips over the Sea. Other Job title was Emjademi,, and he was the sailors chief- "Ra'ees el ba7arah" on the Ship. Seab is one of the sailors staff on the ship, and he was the guy who pull the divers off the water. "Retheef " was the boy who help with different work during the trip and trains to be a future diver.

    Do you know dear visitor that Robiah is the money that was used in Kuwait before Kuwaiti Dinar(KD). However, Robia was divided into "Anas"," Biezas" and "Ardis". Therefore it was exchanged as the following: Robiah= (16 Anah), Anah= (4 Bieza), Bieza= (3 Ardi).

Old Kuwaiti worlds.

Serdal: The chief commander of the captains (Amir al-ghoss)

Emjaddemi: Sailors chief - Co-Captain (Ra'ees el baharah)

Saib: Sailor who pull divers off the water.

Retheef: The boy on board who trained to be a diver.

Emttareb: Who sing and call for missing things in town.

EmJanni: Who fix china cooking plats.

Nahham: a singer who encourage sailors and divers on the trip.
W'ssookhah: You don't want to know !!


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